Name Title Administrative Office Phone Cell Phone Email Location
Nancy Ramirez Financial Services RepresentativeBusiness Office - Division of Business Affairs6151Nancy.Ramirez@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 153
Merritt Reed Office ManagerBehavioral Sciences6442(575) 574 2798Merritt.Reed@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 131
Sean Rees User Support DirectorInformation Technology6438Sean.Rees@wnmu.eduCastorena 103
Debra Reyes Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid6172Debra.Reyes@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon
Socorro Rico Program DirectorSchool of Nursing and Kinesiology - Division of Academic Affairs6960Socorro.Rico@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 123
Rachael Richter Associate Professor of Social WorkSchool of Social
Kelley Riddle Vice President of Business and FinanceDivision of Business Affairs6513Kelley.Riddle@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 140
Grecia Rivas Creative ManagerMarketing & Communications - Marketing & Communications6373rivasg2@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 306
Tanya Rivers Professor, DVSM / Faculty Athletic RepresentativeMath and Computer Science - Division of Academic Affairs6784riverst@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 212
Manuel Rodriguez DirectorWNMU Deming Online & Distance Education(575) 546-6556 ext 4104 Manuel.Rodriguez@wnmu.eduWNMU Deming 108
Connie Rooks Accreditation Liaison Officer / Online CJUS AdvisorOnline & Distant Education - Online & Distance Education6404Connie.Rooks@wnmu.eduKennedy-Puentes / Miller Library
Mario Sanchez Executive DirectorMarketing & Communications6336mario.sanchez@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 300
Takahiro Sato Associate Professor, KinesiologySchool of Nursing & Kinesiology - Division of Academic
David Scarborough Assoc. Professor of Management, Studio G managerSchool of Business6311David.Scarborough@wnmu.eduLight Hall 104
Phil Schoenberg ProfessorDepartment of Humanities6347Phillip.Schoenberg@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 214
George Scott CustodianPhysical Plant6470Physical Plant
Eric Senter BSW Program Director / Associate ProfessorSchool of Social Work6186Eric.Senter@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 234
Joseph Shepard University PresidentPresident's Office6238Joseph.Shepard@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 125
Shirley Sias Senior Record ClerkOffice of the Registrar - Division of Student Affairs6110 Shirley.Sias@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 245
Sylvia T. Sierra Veterans Affairs Manager/SCOVeterans Affairs6871Sylvia.sierra@wnmu.eduRoom 139B Juan Chacon Building
Karen Silvas Data Tech SpecialistAdult Educational Services - Division of External Affairs5122Karen.Silvas@wnmu.eduWatts Hall 204
Julie Simmons Lab Site Program AdministratorEarly Childhood Programs6807julie.simmons@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades Room 112
Bryan Smith Director, Academic ComputingInformation Technology6700smithb13@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Chelsea Smith Compliance CoordinatorDepartment of Athletics6543Chelsea.Smith@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex
Scott Smith Associate Professor, Math/EducationMath & Computer Science6255Scott.Smith@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center Rm 214
Wanda Snyder Director of Field ExperienceSchool of Education6221snyderw1@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 219
Keith Sohler Adjunct ProfessorSocial Science and Cultural Studies - Division of Academic Affairs6636sohlerk@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 206
Kathy Sorells Program ManagerCommunity and Workforce Development6290Kathy.Sorells@wnmu.eduCisco Lab/Juan Chacon Parking Lot
Jean Springler Coordinator, University EventsOffice of the President6248Jean.Springler@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 125
Jason Stahlhut Technical Support AnalystMedia Technologies Services & Theater Productions - Division of Business Affairs6071Jason.Stahlhut@wnmu.eduMiller Library 144
Sandra Stanley Administrative Assistant to Associate Vice President of Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs6318(575) 590 4506Sandra.Stanley@wnmu.eduCastorena Room 128
Heather Steinmann Director of Interdisciplinary Studies / Professor of EnglishHumanities6289Heather.Steinmann@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 213
Amanda Stern Executive Director of Fiscal AffairsBusiness Office - Division of Business Affairs6190Amanda.Stern@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 150
David Swackhamer Assistant Professor PsychologyBehavioral Sciences (575) 519 4947David.Swackhamer@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 136
Cindy Taylor Benefits ManagerOffice of Human Resources6363Cindy.Taylor@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 115
Michael Temple Technical Support AnalystWNMU Deming - Online & Distance Education(575) 546-6556 ext 4103templem@wnmu.eduWNMU Deming 150
Sarah Thrasher Administrative AssociateNatural Sciences - Division of Academic Affairs6227Sarah.Thrasher@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 102
Daniel Turk Testing CoordinatorIT/Academic Computing6134Daniel.Turk@wnmu.eduMartinez 112
Jamie Leah Tolley Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6962Jamie.Tolley@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 129
Jessica Torres Lead TeacherChild Development Center6344jessica.torres@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades Hall
George Turner Scholarship CoordinatorWNMU Foundation6691George.Turner@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Sally Valenzuela-Quevedo Program CoordinatorSchool of Education6418Sally.Valenzuela@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 217
Miguel A. Vicens Associate Professor of FinanceSchool of Business6633Miguel.Vicens@wnmu.eduLight Hall 119
Susan Villines Service RepresentativeEarly Childhood Programs6307Susan.Villines@wnmu.eduGlaser Hall
Patricia West-Okiri AVPAA / Dean of CPS / Director of Graduate DivisionAcademic Affairs6671Patricia.West@wnmu.eduCastorena 128
Kathy Whiteman Professor; Department Chair; Director, Center for a Sustainable Future and Outdoor ProgramsNatural Sciences6253whitemank@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 122
Bruce Wilson Adjunct Assistant Professor, HistorySocial Science and Cultural Studies - Division of Academic Affairs6822Bruce.Wilson@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center Suite 206
Jeremy James Wilson Writer-in-Residence, CCHSSchool of Education6813wilsonj11@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 215
Waldo Winborn PatrolmanCampus Police6231winbornw@wnmu.eduCampus Police Office
Krista Wood Associate ProfessorSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6960Krista.Wood@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 133
Randy Woodard Senior LMS AdminOffice of Online Learning - Online & Distance Education6648rwoodard@wnmu.eduCETAL
Erin Wood Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6960Erin.Wood@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 134
Margarita Wulftange Professor of Elementary EducationSchool of Education6551Margarita.Wulftange@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 212C
Alexandra Tager Director of Cultural AffairsCultural Affairs6183alexandra.tager@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Holly Watts Head Volleyball CoachAthletics6225(575) 538 6225holly.watts@wnmu.eduPE Brancheau Complex
Hobie Vannoy Assistant Volleyball CoachAthletics6225hobie.vannoy@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 151
Maggie L. Veeder Assistant Director/Operations ManagerUniversity Museum6384Maggie.Veeder@wnmu.eduFleming Hall (Museum)
Lorenzo Saenz Assistant Professor / Simulation Coordinator - NursingSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6960Lorenzo.Saenz@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 131
Ricky Villalobos PatrolmanCampus Police Department6231Ricky.Villalobos@wnmu.eduCampus Police
Adele M. Springer Institutional Research / Academic AssessmentInstitutional Research6744Springera@wnmu.eduLibrary 138
Adriane Torrez Admissions Coordinator / Field LiaisonSchool of Social Work6557Adriane.Torrez@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 226
Benjamin Zamzow Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Benjamin.Zamzow@wnmu.eduAnn Arbor, MI
Cynthia Simon Assistant Professor of Social WorkSocial Work6322Cynthia.Simon@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 243
Neil Swapp Adjunct ProfessorExpressive
Stuart Warnock Assistant Professor / General BusinessBusiness6331Stuart.Warnock@wnmu.eduLight Hall 104
Jorge Romero-Habeych Assistant Professor of EconomicsSchool of Business6326Jorge.Romero-Habeych@wnmu.eduLight Hall 107
Dakota Spillers Assistant Athletic Director / CommunicationsAthletics6214dakota.spillers@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex 131
Sean Souders User Analyst IIIT6569soudersp@wnmu.eduCastorena 102
Marisela Rodriguez Financial Aid Counselor - Last Names U-Z - Grants and ScholarshipsOffice of Financial Aid - Division of Student Affairs6129Marisela.Rodriguez@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Philip Vigil Head Footall CoachAthletics6544Philip.Vigil@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 126
Scott Ray CustodianFacilities & Operations - Physical Plant - Division of Business Affairs6470scott.ray@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Jason Rowland Production Technician IIMedia Technologies Services & Theater Productions - Division of Business AffairsJason.Rowland@wnmu.eduFACT 202
Stacie VanPatten Degree Audit SpecialistOffice of the Registrar6107vanpattens@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 240
Chala Werber Horticulture CoordinatorFacilities &
Sarah Schott Assistant ProfessorMath and Computer Science - Division of Academic Affairs6115sarah.schott@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 216
Sundar Tamang Assistant ProfessorMath and Computer Science - Division of Academic Affairs6330sundar.tamang@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 213
Shelby Turner Assistant Athletic Director for Student AchievementAthletics6782Shelby.Turner@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 135
Tamafaiga (Junior) Tanuvasa Defensive CoordinatorAthletics6244ttanuvasa@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 159
Zully Villanueva-Gonzalez Assistant Professor, BiologyNatural Sciences6297Zully.VillanuevaGonzalez@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 124
Bre Anne Springer Venue and Event Management CoordinatorFacilities & Operations6161BreAnne.Springer@wnmu.edu110 Rhoda Rd
Tuan Tran Video Communications TechnicianVideo Communications(575) 342-1988Tuan.Tran@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Lianne Stern Admissions CounselorAdmissions6254Lianne.Stern@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Joseph Soares Video Communication TechnicianVideo Communications(575) 342-1988Joseph.Soares@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Danielle Romero Director of WNMU MuseumWNMU Museum6388danielle.romero@wnmu.eduFleming Hall
Yvette Rackley Payroll ClerkDepartment of Accounting - Business Affairs6361yvette.rackley@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall
Tamara Rosenberg SBDC Business AdvisorSmall Business Development Center(575) 546-6566 ext. 4105Tamara.Rosenberg@wnmu.eduWNMU Deming 161
Erika Ramos Cultural Affairs CoordinatorCultural Affairs6273ramose1@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Allyson Raines Softball AssistantAthletics6148araines@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 153
Christina Riddle FCC Program AdministratorEarly Childhood Programs6811christina.riddle@wnmu.eduGlaser Hall 156
Michael Torrez CustodianFacilities & Operations6470Michael.Torrez@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Samuel Scott Grounds WorkerFacilities & Operations6470Samuel.Scott@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Angela Zimmer Department AssistantSchool of Social Work6856angela.zimmer@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 224
AnaManuela Rico LT Assistant Professor of Special EducationCollege of Educationanamanuela.rico@wnmu.eduRemote - Gallup
Katie Sacco Assistant Professor CounselingCollege of Educationkatie.sacco@wnmu.eduRemote - Idaho
Liliana Sanchez Limited Term Assistant Professor of Early Childhood EducationCollege of EducationLiliana.Sanchez@wnmu.eduRemote - El Paso
Mariah Walker Banner System AnalystInformation Technology6833mariah.walker@wnmu.eduCastorena Bldg Room 103
Shannon Rivera Associate Professor of Early Childhood EducationCollege of EducationShannon.Rivera@wnmu.eduRemote - AZ
Richie Willis Assistant Women's BB Coach/RecruiterAthletics6091richie.willis@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex
Shouqing Si Assistant Professor of Education GeneralistCollege of Education6426Shouqing.Si@wnmu.eduMartinez 207
Gregory Robinson Guerra Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education/SpanishCollege of Education6414Gregory.RobinsonGuerra@wnmu.eduMartinez 212D
Wenjie Wang Assistant Professor of Early Childhood EducationCollege of Education6489Wenjie.Wang@wnmu.eduMartinez 213C
Melissa Teller Limited Term Assistant Professor of Education GeneralistCollege of Education505-979-7427mteller@wnmu.eduGallup Campus - Office 107
Julia Stevenson Academic AdvisorAdvising Center(575) 546-6556 x4107Julia.Stevenson@wnmu.eduWNMU-Deming Campus Room 112
Jill Winburn Gallery DirectorExpressive Arts6517Jill.Winburn@wnmu.eduMcCray Gallery
Will Tracy Outdoor Program ManagerNatural Sciences6575William.Tracy@wnmu.eduBowden 311
Alexa Tubbs Program CoordinatorCultural Affairs6273Alexa.Tubbs@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Janine Sohler External Affairs CoordinatorExternal Affairs6440(575) 654-5565Janine.Sohler@wnmu.eduMEChA
Chris Taylor Assistant Professor of EnglishHumanities6523Christopher.Taylor@wnmu.eduBowden 215
Felicia Salas Admissions Administrative AssistantAdmissions6109Felicia.Salas@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Brittany Topmiller Site SupervisorEarly Childhood Programs6135brittany.topmiller@wnmu.eduMartinez Building Room 106
Candi Running Bear Limited Term Assistant Professor of Early Childhood EducationEarly Childhood EducationCandi.RunningBear@wnmu.eduGallup Campus
Lisa Taylor Assistant Professor of Secondary EducationReading Education6424Lisa.Taylor@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 213E
Shouqing Si Assistant Professor of EducationReading Education6426 207
Dominic Senter Transcript EvaluatorOffice of the Registrar6132Dominic.Senter@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 235
Zully Villanueva-Gonzalez Associate Professor, BiologyNatural Sciences6297Zully.VillanuevaGonzalez@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 124
Shelby Wilkie Mental Health TherapistMental Health6888shelby.wilkie@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
David Yeung Web DeveloperMarketing & Communications6852david.yeung@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 311
Sandra Vannoy Nursing AdvisorSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6976Sandra.Vannoy@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 125
Kimberly Woodard Student Services CoordinatorStudent Life6905Kimberly.Woodard@wnmu.eduStudent Memorial Center - 3rd floor
Alexandra Rios TeacherEarly Childhood
Destiny Sanchez Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Gabriella Torrez Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood Programs
Gelsay Sequieros Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Patricia Willis Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Emily Salgado Curriculum CoordinatorEarly Childhood
Andrea Saiz Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Terri Rincon Undergraduate Admissions RecruiterAdmissions(575)
Denise Marie Weide Assistant Professor, GeologyNatural Sciences6352Denise.Weide@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 119A
Mark Speirs SBDC Center DirectorSchool of Business6851mark.speirs@wnmu.eduWatts Hall 107
Michael Acosta Interim Chief Information OfficerMedia Technologies Services & Theater Productions - Division of Business Affairs6075Michael.Acosta@wnmu.eduMiller Library 144
Mitra Ahsan Adjunct FacultyMath and Computer Science6788mitraahsan@yahoo.comGlobal Resource Center
Lee Allensworth Computing Lab Operations TechInformation Technology6335lee@wnmu.eduMiller Library / ITRC lab
Evelyn Alvarado Program ManagerOnline & Distance Education6101evelyn.alvarado@wnmu.eduCETAL
Amanda Aragon Teachers Assistant Child Development CenterEarly Childhood Programs6344aragona@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades Hall
Alireza Arasteh Professor Emeritus, MathematicsMath and Computer Science6788Alireza.Arasteh@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center
Alma Arellano Operations & Special Projects ManagerDivision of Compliance and Communications6247Alma.Arellano@wnmu.eduBesse-Forward Global Resource Center, Room 104
Amy Baca Executive Director of PurchasingMaterials & Resource Management6169Amy.Baca@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 139
Jesse Baca CustodianFacilities & Operations - Physical Plant - Division of Business Affair6470bacaj13@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Laurie Barfitt Professor Emeritus, AccountingSchool of Business6241barfittl@wnmu.eduLight Hall 123
Kent Beatty Head Golf CoachDepartment of Athletics6235(575) 538-5729wnmugolf@aol.comBrancheau PE Complex 156
Sally Beckworth Major Advisor for School of BusinessSchool of Business/Advising Center6376Sally.Beckworth@wnmu.eduLight Hall 123
Becky Brandsberg-Herrera Associate ProfessorSocial Work6421(660) 349-9892becky.brandsberg-herrera@wnmu.eduRemote
Roberta Brown Assistant Professor of English CompostitionHumanities6530Roberta.Brown@wnmu.eduBowden 215
Sam Brown GroundsFacilities & Operations - Physical Plant - Division of Business Affairs6470browns3@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Damon Bullock Associate Professor, Criminal JusticeBehavioral Sciences6187bullockd@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 237
Gerald Burgess Professor Emeritus, Computer ScienceMath and Computer Science6788Gerald.Burgess@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 209
Bill Burns General MaintenancePhysical Plant6470Physical Plant
Michael Burns Adjunct InstructorNatural Sciences/Police
B. Scott Burton Adjunct Faculty, Criminal JusticeBehavioral
Brenda Burton Adjunct Faculty, Criminal JusticeBehavioral
Jesse Bustamante RecruiterAdmissions6108bustamantej@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Manuel Bustamante Associate Professor of EducationSchool of Education6291Manuel.Bustamante@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 212 B
Deborah Calkins Deputy Title IX CoordinatorOffice of Civil Rights and Title IX6027(575) 538-6027dcalkins@wnmu.eduGRC 103-E
Zenaido Camacho Professor, BiologyNatural Sciences6251camachoz@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 221
Macario Campos Head Cross Country CoachAthletics6237teamelite@hotmail.comBrancheau PE Complex 124
Linda Cano Catering SupervisorSodexo6099(575) 313-1438Student Memorial Building
Alice Casares Department Budget OfficerInformation Technology6436Alice.Casares@wnmu.eduCastorena 108
Eric Casler Assistant Professor / Biology Lab DirectorNatural Sciences6642Eric.Casler@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 112
Danny Castillo Adjunct FacultyMath and Computer Sciencedccastillo7@comcast.netGlobal Resource Center 218
Wade Cave CustodianPhysical Plant6470Physical Plant
Bryant Chaffino Music Instructor Expressive Arts6617chaffinob@wnmu.eduParotti Hall 114
Steven Chavez Associate Dean for School of BusinessSchool of Business6403Steve.Chavez@wnmu.eduLight Hall 218
Ha Chau Tech Support CoordinatorWestern Institute for Lifelong Learning6834Ha.Chau@wnmu.edu104 Rhoda Road
Wen-chi Chen Chair / Associate Professor, PsychologyBehavioral Sciences6114wen-chi.chen@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 138
Mark Chu Associate Professor, PsychologyBehavioral Sciences6528po-sen.chu@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 137
Benjamin Cline Associate Professor, Comm/SpeechHumanities6536clineb@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 206
Cynthia Coleman Adjunct FacultyMath and Computer Science6788colemanc@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 218
Jennifer Coleman Professor, PsychologyBehavioral Sciences(575) 313-1716Jennifer.Coleman@wnmu.eduTucson, AZ
Jason Collet Chief Information OfficerInformation Technology6444Jason.Collet@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 108
Calie Comyford CustodianFacilities & Operations - Physical Plant - Division of Business Affairs6470comyfordc@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Mikila Crespin Lead TeacherEarly Childhood Programs6344crespin.mikila@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhodes
W. Jack Crocker Provost & Vice President of Academic AffairsOffice of Academic Affairs6318Jack.Crocker@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 128
Virginia T Cuevas Assistant DirectorCultural Affairs6469Virginia.Cuevas@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Staci Curtis Adjunct FacultyMath and Computer Science6788curtiss@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 210
Debra J. Dirksen Dean, College of EducationCollege of Education6427debra.dirksen@wnmu.eduMartinez 217
Terra Dunlap Head Athletic TrainerAthletics6236straint1@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex 303
Rick Dunn Database AdministratorInformation Technology6437Rick.Dunn@wnmu.eduCastorena 104
Jay Baruch Program ManagerCollege of Education6418jay.baruch@wnmu.eduMartinez 205
Myrna Brown Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Myrna.Brown@wnmu.eduAlbuquerque
Veronica Davis Adjunct Assistant Professor of Social WorkSchool of Social WorkVeronica.Davis@wnmu.eduOff Campus
Tracy Cudjoe Assistant Professor of Social WorkSchool of Social Work6632Tracy.Cudjoe@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 230
Joel Blaxland Assistant Professor of Political ScienceSocial Science and Cultural Studies6229Joel.Blaxland@wnmu.eduRemote
Spenser Baca Assistant Professor, Criminal JusticeBehavioral Sciences6422Spenser.Baca@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 234
John Beasley Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321John.Beasley@wnmu.eduLas Cruces, NM
Michael Coffey Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Michael.Coffey@wnmu.eduTucson, AZ
Michael Coffey Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Michael.Coffey@wnmu.eduTucson, AZ
William Corbett Adjunct, Criminal JusticeBehavioral Sciences6442William.Corbett@wnmu.eduLas Cruces, NM
Bartholomew Brown Director of Network OperationsInformation Technology6462Bart.Brown@wnmu.eduCastorena
Edmund Brandt Assistant Professor of Graphic DesignExpressive Arts6196Edmund.Brandt@wnmu.eduChino 23
Codie Davis Adjunct Faculty / Criminal JusticeBehavioral
Raelynn Aimee Housing ClerkHousing6629raelynn.aimee@wnmu.eduMustang Village A South 104B
Brandi Barraza Financial Aid Counselor - Last Names P-TFinancial
Monica Abeyta Accounts Payable SupervisorDepartment of Accounting - Division of Business Affairs6168monica.abeyta@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall - 142
Bobbi Dodson Director of Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development6245bobbi.dodson@wnmu.eduMiller Library - Room #165
Joseph Chavez Production Technician IMedia Technologies Services & Theater Productions - Division of Business AffairsJoseph.Chavez@wnmu.eduParotti 115
Vanessa Barahona SOE CoordinatorCollege of Education6425vanessa.barahona@wnmu.eduMartinez Building Room 219
Brenda Diaz-Nunez International CoordinatorExternal Affairs6850Brenda.Diaz-Nunez@wnmu.eduMEChA Building
Joseph Arredondo PatrolmanCampus Police - Division of Student Affairs6231Joseph.Arredondo@wnmu.eduCampus Police Office
Sam Camp Wide Receivers CoachAthleticsSamuel.Camp@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex
Jalen Duffy Department Assistant for School of BusinessSchool of Business6321jalen.duffy@wnmu.eduLight Hall Room 219
Rebecca Benavidez Assistant Director - Financial AidFinancial Aid6170Rebecca.Benavidez@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Holly Anderson Department Assistant for Social Sciences and Cultural StudiesSocial Sciences and Cultural Studies6634holly.anderson@wnmu.eduBesse-Forward Global Resource Center Suite 200
Angela Cox Assistant Professor of NursingSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6887Angela.Cox@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 138
Margaret Fran Driver Assistant Professor of NursingSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6960Margaret.Driver@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 122
Dakota von Brimer AdvisorSchool of Social Work6224Dakota.vonBrimer@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 226
Claire Byer Alumni Affairs CoordinatorWNMU Foundation6693Claire.Byer@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Darlene Chavez Wellness and Accessibility Services CoordinatorWellness and Accessibility Services6277alyssa.chavez@wnmu.eduBesse-Forward Global Resource Center, Room 103
Michael Cook Assistant Professor of Political ScienceSocial Sciences and Cultural Studies6204Michael.Cook@wnmu.eduGRC 207
Jade Brown Assistant Professor of Social WorkSocial Work6226Jade.Brown@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 231
Tracy Anderson AccountantAccounting - Business Office6553Advisortracey.anderson@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall - Business Office
Remington Curtis Assistant Professor of AccountingSchool of Business6241remington.curtis@wnmu.eduLight Hall 106
Mac Alexander Special Team/Def Backs CoachAthleticsRichard.Alexander@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 158
Matt Enriquez Associate Athletic Director Internal Operation AffairsAthletics6203enriquezm@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex 146
Hope Estepp Dixon Primary AdvisorAdvising Center6378hope.estepp-dixon@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 1st Floor Rm 107
Matt Drissell Limited Term Assistant Professor of Painting and DrawingExpressive Arts6443matt.drissell@wnmu.eduChino 119
Patrick Briningstool Assistant Football CoachAthletics6218patrick.briningstool@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex
Colton Bjerke Adult Education Services DirectorAdult Education Services5114(575) 574-5114colton.bjerke@wnmu.eduWatts Hall 202
Elizabet Woche Admissions RecruiterAdmissions and Recruitment6104Elizabet.Woche@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Kalah Carrasco Adjunct InstructorAdvanced Clinical and Education Programs(575) 574
Katherine DeLong Adult Education Services Program CoordinatorAdult Education Services(575) 574-5122Katherine.Delong@wnmu.eduWatts Hall 207
Tyler Bingham Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMath and Computer Science6788(575)-654-0351Tyler.Bingham@wnmu.eduRemote
Linda Brown Communication SpecialistMarketing and Communications6353Linda.Brown@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 302
April Burt Assistant Vice President of Student LifeStudent Life6014April.Burt@wnmu.eduStudent Memorial Building
Damian Camarillo Department AssistantFinancial Aid6170Damian.Camarillo@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Breya Brown Campus Recreation CoordinatorStudent Life and Student Success6736Breya.Brown@wnmu.eduPE 245
Elizabeth Davila Class Schedule & Records SpecialistRegistrar's Office - Student Affairs & Enrollment Management6110Elizabeth.Davila@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 239
Joshua Baca Admissions CounselorOffice of Admissions 6193Joshua.Baca@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Kelsey Blatnick (Garcia) Sodexo ManagerSodexo6111Kelsey.Blatnick@sodexo.comStudent Memorial Building
Elizabeth Dean Administrative AssistantStudent Life6749elizabeth.dean@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 149
Lazius Brown Records AssistantAdmissions6372Lazius.Brown@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Melissa Chapman Student Success AssistantAdult Education ServicesMelissa.Chapman@wnmu.eduDeming
Natasha Chapuma Student ServicesStudent Lifechapuman@wnmu.eduStudent Memorial Center - 3rd floor
Jennifer Hughes Banner System AnalystInformation Technology6429Jennifer.Hughes@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall
Adrian Andazola Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Allison Barnes Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Amber Dominguez Early Childhood Management SpecialistEarly Childhood
Amina Brown TeacherEarly Childhood
Amy Briceno Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Danielle Brockman Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Emily Brinkerhoff Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Jasmine Chambers Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Marvin Bello Substitute TeacherEarly Childhood
Megan Chuy Substitute TeacherEarly Childhood
Tania Beard Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Karla Dominguez CookEarly Childhood
Amanda Ashburn Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Chelsea Crespin Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Emily Beck Substitute TeacherEarly Childhood
Kyra Conerly Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Lena Cisneros Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Lillian Borrego Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Juanwan Anderson-Verdell AdvisorCollege of Education6813Juanwon.Anderson-Verdell@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall Building
Indigo Davidson Department AssistantCollege of Education6416Indigo.Davidson@wnmu.eduMartinez 217
Erika Beltran Business Affairs Project AccountantBusiness Affairs6147Erika.Beltran@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall
Katherine Annabelle Black Delfin Director of Research & Program
Philippe Chino SBDC AdvisorSchool of Business4105chinop@wnmu.eduDeming Learning Center
Lori Baca Graduate Admissions CounselorGraduate Admissions and Outreach Programs6655Lori.Baca@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 203
Jacquelyn Bunker Graduate Admissions CounselorGraduate Admissions and Outreach Programs6655Jacquelyn.Bunker@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 203
Jodi Edens-Crocker DirectorUniversity Foundation6274Jodi.EdensCrocker@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Faye Egan Systems SpecialistInformation Technology6295Faye.Egan@wnmu.eduCastorena 108
Jessica Enriquez Director Graduate Admissions and Outreach ProgramsGraduate Admissions and Outreach Programs6655Jessica.Enriquez@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 203
Luis Figueroa Student Recruitment ManagerOffice of Admissions and Recruitment6258(575) 654-4383Luis.Figueroa@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building Room 214
Donald Florence Adjunct, EnglishHumanities6644florenced1@wnmu.eduOnline
Barbara Maestas Flores Program Manager, Library Operations & Special EventsMiller Library6745Barbara.Flores@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Eddie Flores Chief of Campus PoliceCampus Police6231florese4@wnmu.eduCampus Police Office
Dean Foster Chief Online and Distance Education Officer, OmbudspersonOnline & Distance Education6046fosterd@wnmu.eduCETAL
Amy Foulks Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology & GeographySocial Science and Cultural
Sheree Frederick Executive Administrative AssistantUniversity Foundation6310fredericks@wnmu.eduHunter 102
Rebeca Freilinger Adjunct Faculty, SociologySocial Science and Cultural
Denise Friedrick Office SpecialistWestern Institute for Lifelong Learning6835Denise.Friedrick@wnmu.edu104 Rhoda Rd
Scott Fritz Professor of HistorySocial Sciences and Cultural Studies6823Scott.Fritz@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 201
Ricci Fuentes Adjunct
Susan Russell RegistrarOffice of the Registrar6117Susan.Garland@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 232
Paula Gentry Associate Professor of BiologyNatural Sciences(575) 546-6556 ext 4110Paula.Gentry@wnmu.eduWNMU-Deming
Tammy Gibson Adjunct FacultyEarly Childhood Programs6307Tammy.Gibson@wnmu.eduMartinez
Jennifer Givhan Adjunct
Amber Godey Adjunct
Charlene Gomez Administrative CoordinatorEarly Childhood Programs6439gomezc@wnmu.eduGlaser 154
Sachiko Gomi Assistant ProfessorSocial Work6070Sachiko.Gomi@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 223
Sharon Gough Adjunct Faculty, Criminal JusticeBehavioral
Bub Graham Adjunct Faculty, WeldingCommunity and Workforce Development - Division of Academic Affairs6285grahamb2@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 170
Royce Grubic Adjunct FacultyHumanities6391grubicr@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 103
Thomas Gruszka Professor, MathematicsMath and Computer Science6102Thomas.Gruszka@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 217
Lenita Hammonds-Murphy Adjunct Faculty, Rehab ServicesAllied
Brent Hansen Adjunct FacultySchool of Education6416hansenb@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 217
April Hanson Video Communications DirectorVideo Communications(575)-313-7377April.Hanson@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Clint Hardesty Telecommunications ManagerInformation Technology Department6434Clint.Hardesty@wnmu.eduCastorena 104B
Lynn Haugen Professor, BiologyNatural Sciences6202lhaugen@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 143
Curtis Hayes Adjunct Faculty, Criminal JusticeBehavioral
Deborah Heller Professor, EnglishHumanities6527hellerd@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 304
Jay Hemphill Graphic Artist and Photography SpecialistMarketing & Communications - Marketing & Communications(575) 313-3444hemphillj@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 305
Andrew Hernandez Professor of HistorySocial Science and Cultural StudiesMarketing & Communications - Marketing & Communications6212575-546-6556 ext. 4109 Andy.Hernandez@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 202
Ashley Herndon Front Office ManagerOffice of Financial Aid6173herndona@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 244
Amanda Higgins Adjunct FacultySchool of Education6416higginsa@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 217
Joseph Holguin Capital Projects ManagerFacilities & Operations6714joseph.holguin@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Renee Howard AdvisorEducation6813Renee.Howard@wnmu.eduMartinez-Falls 216
Anna Howell Advisor ManagerAdvising Center6267Anna.Howell@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Room 111
Andrea Jaquez Librarian – Access ServicesMiller Library 6006Andrea.Jaquez@wnmu.eduMiller Library
MariaElena Jauregui-Cross Family Facilitator / CounselorEarly Childhood Programs6343jaureguim@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades 110
Benjamin Jenkins Associate Professor of Rehab & TherapyCollege of Education6415jenkinsb1@wnmu.eduMartinez 210
Jennifer Johnston Associate Professor, PsychologyBehavioral Sciences6303johnstonj@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 140
Manda Jost Professor, BiologyNatural Sciences6550Manda.Jost@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 109/110
Russell Kleinman Adjunct
Jessica L. Knight AdvisorAdvising Center6855Jessica.Knight@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Shiva Kumar Kyasa Associate Professor of ChemistryNatural Sciences6641ShivaKumar.Kyasa@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 203
John Lavalle Chair / Professor, HistorySocial Science and Cultural Studies6256John.Lavalle@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 204
Charnelle Lee Professor / NursingSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6964Charnelle.Lee@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing
Mary Leen Professor Emeritus, EnglishHumanities - Division of Academic Affairs6514leenm@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 306
Joy Lemme Director, Venue and Event ManagementFacilities & Operations - Division of Business Affairs6161Joy.Lemme@wnmu.edu110 Rhoda Road
Tom Lemme Manager, Warehouse and MotorpoolFacilities6758Thomas.Lemme@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Marc Levesque Adjunct FacultyNatural Sciences(575) 313-7104levesquem@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall
Steve Liebhart Cloud Systems AdministratorInformation Technology6056(575) 574-8604Steve.Liebhart@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Nancy Livingston Professor / MathematicsMathematics and Computer Science6349Nancy.Livingston@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 215
Melonie Lockhart Department Business ManagerPhysical Plant6470melonie.lockhart@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Melonie Lockhart Department Business ManagerPhysical Plant6470melonie.lockhart@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Gordon Flanders Asst. Professor of MarketingSchool of Business6329Gordon.Flanders@wnmu.eduLight Hall, rm. 108
Robert Freeborough Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Robert.Freeborough@wnmu.eduFlorida
Jacqueline Gilliard Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Jacqueline.Gilliard@wnmu.eduTexas
Jacqueline Gilliard Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Jacqueline.Gilliard@wnmu.eduTexas
Mountasser Kadrie Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Mountasser.Kadrie@wnmu.eduTexas
Jennifer Franz Associate Professor of NursingSchool of Nursing & KinesiologyJennifer.Franz@wnmu.eduRemote
Andrew Lunt Director of Undergraduate Admissions and RecruitmentAdmission & Recruitment6181Andrew.Lunt@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building- Admission Office
Sarah Guck Assistant Professor of Social Work, OmbudspersonSchool of Social Work6554Sarah.Guck@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 227
Heather Frankland Assistant Professor of English CompositionHumanities6514Heather.Frankland@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 204
Amalia Humada-Ludeke Associate Professor, Mental Health CounselingSchool of Education6413505-231-9156amalia.humada-ludeke@wnmu.eduMartinez Building, Room 209
Dara Naphan-Kingery Assistant Professor of SociologySocial Sciences and Cultural Studies6824Dara.Naphan-Kingery@wnmu.eduGRC 203
Fermin Lopez Director of Facilities & MaintenanceFacilities and Operations6470Fermin.Lopez@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Cassandra Garcia Testing ProctorInformation Technology6306garciak9@wnmu.eduGRC 104
Tracy Green Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Tracy.Green@wnmu.eduNewport Beach, CA
Craig Hovey Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Craig.Hovey@wnmu.eduJacksonville, FL
Susan Hasse Administrative AssociateHumanities6459Susan.Hasse@wnmu.eduBowden 211
Zane Gibson Head Men's Basketball CoachAthletics6858Zane.Gibson@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 124
William Lane, Jr. Assistant Professor of the School of CounselingEducation6419William.LaneJr@wnmu.eduMartinez 219
Michelle Halt Executive Director of Human ResourcesHuman Resources6327michelle.halt@wnmu.eduCastorena 111
Robert Hamilton Adjunct Faculty / Chemical Dependency CounselingSchool of Education6416Robert.Hamilton@wnmu.eduOff Campus
Rebecca Ewing Adjunct Faculty / PsychologyBehavioral
Eric Lowe Degree Audit SpecialistRegistrar's Office - Student Affairs & Enrollment Management6428Eric.Lowe@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 233
Mary Flores InstructorSchool of Nursing and Kinesiology6966Mary.Flores@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing
Alex Hicks Assistant Director of Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development6246Alexander.Hicks@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Doyle Huckabay Program
James Lee  Defensive Line CoachAthletics6157James.Lee@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 123
Marlene Holman  Technical Support
Rodger Huffman User Support TechnicianInformation Technology - Division of Business Affairs6073Rodger.Huffman@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 102
Miguel A. Gutierrez LT Graphic DesignerMarketing & Communications6371Miguel.GutierrezTrujillo@wmnu.eduRitch Hall 304
Onorina Franco Executive Assistant to VPBA/Project AccountantBusiness Affairs6144Onorina.Franco@wnmu.eduCastonera Hall
Cindy Lucero Executive Assistant to the VP of Student Affairs & Enrollment ManagementStudent Affairs6219cindy.lucero@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Room 263
Yvonne Esparza LT Internship Coordinator - Social WorkDepartment of EducationYvonne.Esparza@wnmu.eduSchool of Education
Randy Jennings Professor Emeritus, BiologyNatural Sciences - Division of Academic Affairs6519(575) 388 1764Randy.Jennings@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 137
Antonio Jacquez Financial Aid Counselor - Last Names K-O - Athletic Scholarship AwardsFinancial Aid6174Antonio.Jacquez@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 244
Gabrielle Eyrich AdvisorAdvising Center - Division of Academic Affairs6357Gabrielle.Eyrich@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon 109
Ashley Hickman Head Softball CoachAthletics6148Ashley.Hickman@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 154
William Hickman Offensive CoordinatorAthleticswilliam.hickman@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 125
Fatima Jimenez Materials & Resource Management Buyer & Mailroom SupervisorMaterials and Resource Management6242Fatima.Jimenez@wnmu.eduSMB-First Floor
Rhea Hazen Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6960Rhea.Hazen@wnmu.eduT or C
Ivan Ibarra Asst. Professor of General BusinessSchool of Business6331Ivan.Ibarra@wnmu.eduLight Hall 120
Luke Kingery Assistant Professor of EnglishHumanities6345luke.kingery@wnmu.eduBowden 206
Jonathan Gilliam Men's Assistant Basketball CoachAthletics6233jgilliam@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex
Marvel Harrison, Ph.D. Publishing Director of Mimbres PressMimbres PressMarvel.Harrison@wnmu.edu
Jared Kuritz Managing DirectorMimbres PressJared.Kuritz@wnmu.edu
Kristine Gonzalez Assistant Professor of CounselingSchool of Education6416kristine.gonzalez@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall
Chase Keenan Cloud System AdministratorInformation Technology6056Chase.Keenan@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Dori Grinie Mail CoordinatorMaterials and Resource Management6477Dori.Grinie@wnmu.eduSMB-First Floor
Estilla Lightfoot Assistant ProfessorSchool of Social Work6420estilla.lightfoot@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 221
Perry James Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education/NavajoCollege of EducationPerry.James@wnmu.eduRemote - Gallup
Ariana Garcia Assistant Professor NursingSchool of Nursing6960ariana.garcia@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing
James Fakkema Sports Performance Head CoachAthletics6767james.fakkema@wnmu.eduFox Complex
Javier Hernandez Coordinator, Facilities & MaintenanceFacilities & Operations6480(575) 590-7725Javier.Hernandez@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Gregor Hamilton Adjunct Professor, BiologyNatural SciencesGregor.Hamilton@wnmu.eduOnline
David Gorman Assistant Professor, Criminal JusticeBehavioral Sciences6864David.Gorman@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 242
Jill L. Hare Adjunct FacultyCollege of Education(575)
Catarina Fuentes Math and Computer Science6788Catarina.Fuentes@wnmu.eduGRC 2nd Floor
Naomi Irons Program Management SpecialistEarly Childhood Programs6344Naomi.Irons@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades Rm 101
Heather Hammen Programmer AnalystInformation Technology6433Heather.Hammen@wnmu.eduCastorena Room 104
Tre 'Von Jones Social Media Manager & Photography SpecialistMarketing & Communications(909) 746-6571trevon.jones@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 313
Sheryl Luther Director of Gallup CenterCollege of Education(505) 979-7426 Sheryl.Luther@wnmu.eduWNMU Gallup Campus
Samantha Johnson University LibrarianMiller Library6358samantha.johnson@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Catherine Gregorius Assistant Professor of ReadingReading Education6419 (443) 847-0564Catherine.Gregorius@wnmu.edu209 Martinez Building
Malcolm Harland Video Communications
Karma Lucero Accounts Payable AssistantAccounts Payable6299karma.lucero@wnmu.eduMain Campus-Castorena Hall
Brandalyn Hassman Assistant ProfessorSchool of Nursing & Kinesiology6960Brandalyn.Hassman@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 126
Chantal Hardwick Substitute TeacherEarly Childhood
Josephine Gavaldon Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Laura Loya Lead CookEarly Childhood
Andria Gomez Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Jazmine Flores Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Monica Lucero Lead Teacher / Site SupervisorEarly Childhood
John Huskey Hall DirectorHousing and Residence Life6309john.huskey@wnmu.eduMustang Village AS 104
Allison Iacocca Family Facilitator / CounselorEarly Childhood
Sara Galindez Human Resources Administrative AssistantHuman Resources6261Sara.Galindez@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 113
Maura Gonsior Executive Director, Employee and Labor RelationsEmployee and Labor Relations6201Maura.Gonsior@wnmu.eduGRC
Caleb Loughran Assistant Professor, BiologyNatural SciencesCaleb.Loughran@wnmu.eduOnline
Katarina Lowe Graphic DesignerMarketing & Communications - Marketing & Communications6371katarina.lowe@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 304
Victor Stephen Gonzales Jr. Healthcare Workforce Programs DirectorCommunity & Workforce Development6461(575) 640-9048Victor.Gonzales@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon
Stephanie Fanselow Limited Term Associate Professor/Teacher Residency
Valerie Garcia
Anna Madrid CustodianPhysical Plant6470(575) 388-0958madrida1@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Cynthia Manos ECP Budget ManagerChild Development Center6810manosc@wnmu.eduGlaser Hall
Magdaleno Manzanarez Vice President of External AffairsExternal Affairs6441Magdaleno.Manzanarez@wnmu.eduMEChA Building
Sebastiano Marino Sr. Web DeveloperWeb Development6337Sebastiano.Marino@wnmu.eduRitch Hall 312
Roberta Marquez Associate Professor, Special EducationSchool of Education575-538-6416Roberta.Marquez@wnmu.eduSilver City
Cindy Martinez Dean of College of EducationCollege of Education6427Cindy.Martinez@wnmu.eduMartinez 213
Cynthia Martinez Assistant VP of Business AffairsOffice of Business Affairs6153Cynthia.Martinez@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 143
Dorina Martinez Accounting ManagerDepartment of Accounting - Division of Business Affairs6145Dorina.Martinez@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 153
Larry Martinez Adjunct Faculty, WeldingCommunity and Workforce Development6285martinezL4@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 119
Izelle Matthes Systems AdministratorInformation Technology6431Izelle.Matthes@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 108
Carolyn McCargish Adjunct FacultySocial
Mary Rae McDonald Executive AdministratorOffice of the President6238MaryRae.McDonald@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 125
Susan J. McFeaters Associate Professor of Social WorkSchool of Social Work6605Susan.McFeaters@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 232
Doug Medin Professor Emeritus, Computer ScienceMath and Computer Science6115Doug.Medin@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 216
Sylvia Mendez Adjunct FacultySchool of Education6416yatalopez0722@yahoo.comMartinez-Fall 217
Carrie Merrill Payroll ManagerDepartment of Accounting - Business Affairs6362Carrie.Merrill@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 139
Michael Metcalf Professor, SculptureExpressive Arts6538metcalfm@wnmu.eduChino Building 110
Courtney Michaud Assistant Professor of CeramicsExpressive Arts6501Courtney.Michaud@wnmu.eduMcCray Building 117
Betsy Miller Interim VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment ManagementStudent Affairs6119 Betsy.Miller@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 260
Karen Monroe AdvisorAdvising6323Karen.Monroe@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 213A
Mark Montes PatrolmanCampus Police 6231montesm5@wnmu.eduCampus Police
Kimberly Moon Executive Director of AccountingDepartment of Accounting - Division of Business Affairs6211Kimberly.Moon@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 140
Eric Moore Associate Dean / Assistant ProfessorSchool of Social Work6857Eric.Moore@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 240
Jennifer Morales Dual Enrollment CoordinatorGraduate Admissions and Outreach Programs6655Jennifer.Morales@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building Room 150
Julia Morales Vice President for Compliance and CommunicationsDivision of Compliance and Communications6743Julia.Morales@wnmu.eduBesse-Forward Global Resource Center, Room 105
Sonseree Munoz TeacherEarly Childhood Programs6344(575) 538-1289munozs4@wnmu.eduChild Development Center
Gilbert Najar Director, Police Academy / Associate Professor, Criminal JusticeBehavioral Sciences6266(575) 538-6288Gilbert.Najar@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 238
Barry Namm Music Instructor, GuitarExpressive Arts6612nammb@wnmu.eduParotti Hall 110
Corrie Neighbors Associate Professor, GeologyNatural Sciences6352Corrie.Neighbors@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 120A
Karyn Neil Department AdministratorExpressive Arts6618Karyn.Neil@wnmu.eduChino Building 118
Alexandra Neves Professor of Bilingual/TESOL EducationSchool of Education6332Alexandra.Neves@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 208
Olivia Newell Administrative Assistant WNMU Deming - Online & Distance Education(575) 546-6556 ext 4102newello@wnmu.eduWNMU Deming 106
Jacqueline Nichols Program AdvisorAdvising Center6340Jacqueline.Nichols@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Room 106
William Norris Professor, BiologyNatural Sciences6625William.Norris@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall 142
Mike O'Harrow Adjunct FacultyMath and Computer Science6788oharrowm@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center 218
James Ortiz DirectorCommunity and Workforce Development6301ortizj13@wnmu.eduCisco Lab/Juan Chacon Parking Lot
Kate Oubre Assistant VP of Academic Affairs / Dean of CASAAcademic Affairs6524Katherine.Oubre@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 314
Ashley Bailey Pagels Executive Administrative AssistantCollege of Arts and Sciences Academic Affairs - Division of Academic Affairs6207pagelsa@wnmu.eduCastorena 128
Jim Pendergast Chair / Assistant Professor, PhotographyExpressive Arts6197Jim.Pendergast@wnmu.eduChino Building 22
Barbara Perez Campus Security SpecialistCampus Police6231Barbara.Perez@wnmu.eduCampus Police
Timothy Perez HVAC TechnicianFacilities & Operations - Physical Plant - Division of Business Affairs6470perezt3@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Margaret Perez-Medina Associate Assistant Director/Undergrad Admission, Transfer & Int. StudentsAssistant Director Office of Admissions6140Margaret.Medina@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 204
Raquel Placencio Teacher AssistantChild Development Center6344Raquel.Placencio@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades
Mary Pressler Adjunct
Kacie Peterson Director of Foundation and Alumni DevelopmentWNMU Foundation6312Kacie.Peterson@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Garrett Peltonen Assistant Professor of KinesiologySchool of Nursing & Kinesiology - Division of Academic Affairs6451Garrett.Peltonen@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 134
Scott Noble Director of AthleticsAthletics6234(575) 538-1683Scott.Noble@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 137
Jose Lopez-Martinez School of BusinessJose.Lopez-Martinez@wnmu.eduPuerto Rico
Debra Noble Executive Director of Civil Rights / Title IX CoordinatorCivil Rights and Title IX6025Debra.Noble@wnmu.eduBesse-Forward Global Resource Center, Room 103F
Jason Quimby Director of Housing and Residence LifeDepartment of Housing and Residence Life6622(702) 884 3020jason.quimby@wnmu.eduMustang Village B101
Kimberly Petrovic Associate Dean for the School of Nursing & KinesiologySchool of Nursing and Kinesiology - Division of Academic Affairs6960Kimberly.Petrovic@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing 130
Kevin Matthes Assistant Vice President of Facilities and OperationsFacilities6715(575) 654 2000
Andreea Nica Assistant Professor, SociologySocial Sciences and Cultural Studies6634(503) 574-0421Andreea.Nica@wnmu.eduGRC/Remote
Ron McFarland Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Ron.McFarland@wnmu.eduValencia, CA
Mike Mitchell Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Mike.Mitchell@wnmu.eduAlbuquerque, NM
Ashley Montenegro Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Ashley.Montenegro@wnmu.eduSilver City, NM
Ashley Montenegro Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Ashley.Montenegro@wnmu.eduSilver City, NM
Elizabeth Nations Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Elizabeth.Naions@wnmu.eduSilver City, NM
Sabrina Pack Adjunct FacultySchool of Business6321Sabrina.Pack@wnmu.eduSilver City, NM
Louise Ortega-Senter Assistant Professor of Social WorkSocial Work6552Louise.Ortega@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 241
Louise Ortega-Senter Assistant Professor of Social WorkSocial Work6552Louise.Ortega@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 241
Audrey Medrano Adjunct FacultySocial
Lyndsey Novacek Accounting ManagerDepartment of Accounting - Division of Business Affairs6553Lyndsey.Novacek@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 143
Ashlee Nolan Financial Aid Counselor - Last Names F-J - Student EmploymentFinancial Aid6191Ashlee.Nolan@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Juan Quesada Customer Service AssistantSchool of Nursing and Kinesiology - Division of Academic Affairs6960Juan.Quesada@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing
Maria Montoya  Financial Aid Counselor- Last Names A-E - Loan ProcessingFinancial Aid6137Maria.Montoya@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Susana Martinez Human Resources Admin Coordinator6328Susana.Martinez@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall - 114
Annette Pas Financial Services Project SpecialistBusiness Office6747Annette.Pas@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall - 152
Josh Pace Head Women's Basketball CoachAthletics6220Joshua.Pace@wnmu.eduBrancheau P.E. Complex 122
Tomas Marrufo Librarian-Technical ServicesMiller Library6485marrufot@wnmu.eduJ. Cloyd Miller Library
Marivel Medel Title V Program ManagerExternal Affairs6496marivel.medel@wnmu.eduMEChA Building 208
Olivia Montoya Admissions CounselorAdmissions6282Olivia.Montoya@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Tonja Powell Financial Services RepresentativeBusiness Office6739Tonja.Powell@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 152
Elizabeth Martinez Clinical Placement CoordinatorEarly Childhood Programselizabeth.martinez@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades Rm 101
Kamal Nyaupane Assistant Professor of Computer ScienceMath and Computer Science6165kamal.nyaupane@wnmu.eduGRC 219
Sabrina Madrid CustodianFacilities & Operations6470Sabrina.Madrid@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Arnulfo Morales General Maintenance AssistantFacilities & Operations5143arnulfo.morales@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
James J. Pagels Academic AdvisorAdvising Center6380James.Pagels@wnmu.eduJCB Room 106
Nolan Parra Grounds ManagerFacilities and Operations6470Nolan.Parra@wnmu.eduPhysical Plant
Alejandra Molina Executive CoordinatorOffice of the President6248Alejandra.Molina@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 125
Josh Myers Director of Enterprise ApplicationsInformation Technology6142Joshua.Myers@wnmu.eduCastorena
Raquel Parga Department AssistantOffice of Admissions and
Anna-Marie Menhenott Career Services CoordinatorStudent Life and Student Success6628Anna-Marie.Menhenott@wnmu.eduStudent Memorial Building - 3rd Floor
Angela Monges Administrative AssistantSchool of Social Work6856azimmer@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge
Jamin Murphy Director of Student Life & Student SuccessStudent Life6304Jamin.Murphy@wnmu.eduStudent Memorial Center - 3rd floor
Alyssa Measday Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Jessica Pena Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Leilani Machado Substitute TeacherEarly Childhood
Susan Montoya Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Yolanda Maynes Teacher AssistantEarly Childhood
Echo Maddock Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Karisma Mathis Instructional AssistantEarly Childhood
Sonia Paez Lead TeacherEarly Childhood
Sonya Peña Administrative AssistantCollege of Arts & Sciences6658sonya.pena@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 312
Madeleine Nittmo Librarian – Outreach and InstructionMiller Library6055mnittmo@wnmu.eduMiller Library
Robert Neu Assistant Professor of Educational
Tamara Ogilvie Limited Term Assistant Professor of Reading &
Mary Flores McBrayer Nursing InstructorSchool of Nursing & KinesiologyMary.Flores@wnmu.eduRemote