Name Administrative Office Phone Email Location Website
Office of Online LearningAcademic Affairs575-538-6085online@wnmu.eduCETAL Miller Library
Office of Admissions & RecruitmentStudent Affairs(575) 538-6000admissions@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Office of the PresidentPresident and Board of Regents(575) Castorena Hall 125
Master of Business AdministrationCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6321 mba@wnmu.eduLight Hall 104
Educational Leadership College of Professional Studies(575) 538-6426Candelario.Jauregui@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall 207
Western New Mexico Universitynull(575) 538-6011news@wnmu.edu1000 W College Ave, Silver City, NM 88062
Office of Housing and Residence LifeStudent Affairs(575) 538-6629housing@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Room 204
School of EducationCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6416SchoolOfEd@wnmu.eduMartinez-Fall Building
School of NursingCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6960nursing@wnmu.eduSchool of Nursing Building
School of BusinessCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6321 SchoolOfBusiness@wnmu.eduLight Hall
Department of Expressive ArtsCollege of Arts & Sciences(575) 538-6618Karyn.Neil@wnmu.eduChino Building
Ceramics StudioDepartment of Expressive Arts(575) 538-6618Karyn.Neil@wnmu.eduChino Building 118
Francis McCray Gallery of Contemporary ArtDepartment of Expressive Arts(575) 538-6517cwerber@wnmu.eduMcCray Gallery
Department of AthleticsPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6218Brancheau PE Complex
Western Institute for Lifelong LearningExternal Affairs(575) 538-6835Denise.Freidrick@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 108
Small Business Development CenterPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6320sbdc@wnmu.eduWatts Hall
WNMU MuseumAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6386museum@wnmu.eduFleming Hall
University FoundationPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6310Foundation@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
Campus PolicePresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6231barbara.perez@wnmu.edu1000 W. College Ave., Silver City, NM 88061
Office of the RegistrarStudent Affairs(575) 538-6118registrar@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 244
Veteran's Resource CenterStudent Affairs(575) 538-6208veteranscenter@wnmu.eduPE Complex Room 150
Human ResourcesBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6328employment@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 111
Math and Computer ScienceCollege of Arts & Sciences(575) 538-6788Global Resource Center
Office of Marketing & CommunicationsPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6852news@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Office of IT Video CommunicationsBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6061Miller Library
Department of Information TechnologyBusiness Affairs(575) 574-4357helpdeskadmin@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall
Early Childhood ProgramsCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6344ecp@wnmu.eduSechler-Rhoades Hall
Department of HumanitiesCollege of Arts & Sciences(575) 538-6525humanities@wnmu.eduBowden Hall
Business OfficeBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6150Business.Affairs@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall
Office of Special EventsBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6161110 Rhoda Road
Physical PlantBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6470Physical Plant
Department of Interdisciplinary StudiesAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6650interdisciplinary@wnmu.eduBowden Hall 315
Department of Natural SciencesCollege of Arts & Sciences(575) 538-6227naturalscienced@wnmu.eduHarlan Hall
School of Applied TechnologyAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6286appliedtech@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon 112
School of Allied HealthCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6442Merritt.Reed@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 131
School of Behavioral SciencesCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6442Merritt.Reed@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 131
Miller LibraryAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6350J. Cloyd Miller Library
Department of Social Sciences and Cultural StudiesCollege of Arts & Sciences(575) 538-6634SSCS@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center Suite 200
SWNM Leadership ProgramStudent Affairs(575) 538-6348kathie.gilbert@wnmu.eduWatts Hall 124
Division of Student AffairsPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6339Student.Affairs@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 264
Office of Financial AidStudent Affairs(575) 538-6173finaid@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
WNMU-DemingExtended University(575) 546-6556WNMU-Deming
Division of Academic AffairsPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6317adele.springer@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall
Accounts PayableBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6168Castorena Hall
Affirmative ActionBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6025Brancheau PE Complex
Office of Alumni AffairsExternal Affairs(575) 538-6675alumni@wnmu.eduHunter Hall 2nd floor
AQIPPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6348
University Bookstorenull(575) 538-61230341mgr@follettStudent Memorial Center 1st floor
Campus RecreationStudent Affairs(575) 538-6139Student.Life@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex
Office of Career Services and Leadership DevelopmentStudent Affairs(575) 538-6277 careerservices@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
College of Arts and SciencesCollege of Arts & Sciences(575) 538-6207pagelsa@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center Room D
Department of Community and Workforce DevelopmentExternal Affairs(575) 538-6290appliedtech@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Student Accessibility ServicesStudent Affairs(575) 538-6014JoBeth.Erling@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon - Center for Student Success
Extended UniversityExtended University(575) 538-6149
Division of External AffairsPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6440External.Affairs@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building
Center for Student SuccessStudent Affairs(575) 538-6400css@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 203
Honors ProgramAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6640honors@wnmu.edu
La Familia Resource CenterCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6841Sechler-Rhoades Hall
Language InstituteExternal Affairs(575) 538-6850languageinstitute@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon - 138
MailroomBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6477Student Memorial Center
MaintenanceBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6470Physical Plant
Materials and Resource ManagementBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6553Castorena Hall
Media Technologies ServicesMiller Library(575) 538-6360media.technologies@wnmu.eduMiller Library
MSEACollege of Arts & Sciences(575) 654-0202Joseph.Doyle@wnmu.edu
Public Services Library ManagerMiller Library(575) 538-6006Miller Library
Circulation DeskMiller Library(575) 538-6176Miller Library
Inter/Library LoanMiller Library(575) 538-6409Miller Library
Reference DeskMiller Library(575) 538-6359Miller Library
Technical Services Library ManagerMiller Library(575) 538-6355Miller Library
University LibrarianMiller Library(575) 538-6358Miller Library
Native American CenterStudent Affairs(575) 538-6871Native American Center
OmbudspersonPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6348
Office of Dual EnrollmentStudent Affairs(575) 538-6185dualenrollment@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 219
Payroll OfficeBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6362Castorena Hall
Police AcademyCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6288Phelps Dodge Building
SodexoBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6111jason.sample@sodexo.comMustang Dining Hall 2nd floor
Sports Informationnull(575) 538-6214Brian.Kortz@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex
Student GovernmentStudent Affairs(575) 538-6377student.president@wnmu.eduStudent Memorial Center 3rd floor
WNMU Switchboardnull(575) 538-6011
Writing Center/LabAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6527Debbie.Heller@wnmu.eduMiller Library
School of Social WorkCollege of Professional Studies(575) 538-6421SocialWork@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge Building
Light Hall TheaterPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6300news@wnmu.eduLight Hall
Outdoor Programs and Gear Rentalsnull(575) 538-6253outdoors@wnmu.eduBernard Hall
Mustang EntertainmentStudent Affairsmustang.entertainment@wnmu.edu
Office of International StudiesExternal Affairs(575) 538-6620internationalstudies@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon Building 107
The Center for Gender EquityAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6635thecenter@wnmu.edu1211 Mississippi Street
Graduate DivisionAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6671GradDivision@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall 128
Fitness CenterStudent Affairs(575) 538-6735Brancheau PE Complex
Office of Cultural AffairsPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6469Cultural.Affairs@wnmu.eduHunter Hall
College of Professional StudiesAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6864irvind@wnmu.eduLight Hall
Office of Adult Education ServicesAcademic Affairs(575) 574-5101 aes@wnmu.eduWatts Hall
Staff SenatePresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6130staffsenate@wnmu.edu
Division of Business AffairsPresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6144Business.Affairs@wnmu.eduCastorena Hall
AA-EEO Title IX – Office of the Diversity and CompliancePresident and Board of Regents(575) 538-6025titleix@wnmu.eduGlobal Resource Center - Room E
University Golf CourseBusiness Affairs(575) 538 5041golfcourse@wnmu.eduScott Park
Department of Student LifeStudent Affairs(575) 538 6139Student.Life@wnmu.eduStudent Memorial Building 179
Cultural CenterStudent Affairs(575) 538-6871Felipe de Ortego y Gasca Cultural Center
Web DevelopmentExternal Affairs(575) 538-6337web@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon 258
Testing FacilityBusiness Affairs(575) 538-6134testing@wnmu.eduGRC 105
Graduate AdmissionsStudent Affairs(575) 538-6655gradstudies@wnmu.eduJuan Chacon 216
Faculty SenateAcademic Affairs(575) 538-6605susan.mcfeaters@wnmu.eduPhelps Dodge 232
Food PantryStudent Affairs(575) 538-6611foodpantry@wnmu.eduBrancheau PE Complex
Mustang Village Student
Centennial Student
Muir Heights Student
Health ServicesStudent Affairs(888) 271-3596info@hmsnm.orgProvided by HMS Medical Services
ITRC Computer LabBusiness Affairs(575) 538 - 6335computerlabs@wnmu.eduSMB / Miller Library / ITRC Lab
Technology Resource CenterBusiness Affairs(575) 538 - 6334computerlabs@wnmu.eduITRC inside Miller Library
Academic Computer LabBusiness Affairs(575) 538 - 6334computerlabs@wnmu.eduMiller Library / ITRC lab